…it is a fact that the man on the street values one who shoulders his cross with “indomitable courage” (to quote Rabbi Grollman) more than one who is merely successful, even if he is extremely successful, be it in terms of a businessman’s making money or in terms of a playboy’s making love.” —Victor Frankl, The Will to Meaning

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From a Persian Scrap, —–translated by Bronson Alcott

“One knocked at the beloved’s door, and a voice asked from within, ‘Who is there?’ And he answered, ‘It is I.’ Then the voice said, ‘This room will not hold me and thee’; and the door was not opened. Then went the lover into the desert, and fasted and prayed in solitude. And after a year he returned and knocked again at the door. And again the voice asked, ‘Who is there?’ And he said, ‘It is thyself.’ And the door was opened to him.

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Why are Church-People not “happy?”

“When all committees have fulfilled their tasks, all papers have been distributed and all practical goals achieved, there must come a perfect joy. About What?” Alexander Schmemann

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